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Bridging the gap between people and IT.

Automate repetitive tasks to allow people to focus on tasks that involve creativity, flexibility, and critical thinking.

100% No code

Automate your business processes today – no programming skills required. Drag, drop, done with our intuitive designer tools.


No more scattered email, spreadsheets, and repetitive tasks. Move to a new world of iterative IT solutions that serve your business needs.


We help you get the most out of your investment in the least amount of time so you can improve processes and get the work done.


Build interactive dashboards showing important and relevant information. Focus on role-specific information. Eliminate messy data and distraction.

What can Universe do for you?

Universe enables process owners to prototype, test, en deploy virtually any kind of workflow. Effectively control and track your processes and to comply to industry quality standard.

Universe makes it fast and easy to automate and optimize your business processes.

Easy to use

Universe easy to learn and simple to access. This will give you a substantial time saving, giving you more time to do the real work, taking care that the bottom line improves.

Track and analyze

Universe can track process status, registration and data. Beside tracking your process, Universe includes features such as Privacy by Design and Audit trail. Please see the pricing page for more information on features.

Get a head start

No need to start from scratch. We have created templates for a huge variety of scenarios and, you are free to edit them according to your own needs.

Quickly scale up

You will have a solution that is very simple to scale with your needs. We do the hosting using Amazon Web Services and are able to launch any type of server, from small to huge, within minutes.

Start Universe today.



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