Recap: GES 2019, a New Way of Working in constantly changing world

On June 4 and 5 2019, Icologiq Universe attended the General Entrepreneurship Summit in the Hague, a unique international platform where entrepreneurs can present their innovative solutions to global challenges.


Last month Jennifer Reinhard attended the General Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 on behalf of Icologiq. More than two thousand people gathered from countries around the world, leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, investment and policy. The aim of the event, organized by the Dutch and American governments, was to create new solutions for various themes. Icologiq was present as an innovative software supplier from the Netherlands, which contributes to the growth of these companies by further developing quality and safety systems.

One of the most important themes was the theme of growth. Many entrepreneurs have a good idea, now the next step is to bring this idea into the world. New companies have to find customers and create income and to realize this, capital is needed. As a start-up, how do you get access to the required investments and how can Universe contribute to this?

Capital can come in from politics, through government subsidies and through the investors present at the event.​

GES wants to help start-ups grow. Capital can come in from politics, through government subsidies and through the investors present at the event. These investors are not only invited to get to know the entrepreneurs and to make investments themselves, but also to teach them how they can provide capital themselves. Instead of being taken to the water by hand, people learn how to reach the water themselves.

Our newest product, No Code platform Icologiq Universe, works according to the same principle: users can constantly adjust the application themselves, based on how and for what they use it. Universe offers a new way of handling data and processes in a constantly changing world.

Certainly with new companies a change can be seen in the way of working. Start-ups and scale-ups want to grow in a modern way to get to the market quickly and that includes the latest technology. They want to work safely and switch quickly, without problems with managing and optimizing processes. With Universe, IT is no longer a barrier, but an opportunity for entrepreneurs to realize growth.

“What inspired me was the commitment of the entrepreneurs to make an impact,” says Jennifer. “Everyone came to make a difference in the world and to contribute something. Nice to see how business-driven the participants were. ”