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No-Code Platform Icologiq Universe belongs to Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in The Netherlands

A lack of skilled IT-people in a company can slow down its digitization and therefore, the increase of productivity. With No-Code Platform Icologiq Universe, this is now a thing of the past: business developers no longer have to make any adjustments via the IT department, because they can easily implement improvements in the system by themselves. The platform is a breakthrough in the digital revolution, and the Chamber of Commerce sees this too! Software developer Icologiq has achieved the 26th place in the annual Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Top 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands.


As a result of rapid technological developments and constantly changing safety legislation, internal business processes need to adapt regularly as well. A complicated task with a great responsibility, which you would prefer not to hand over to someone else. You would prefer to leave it to someone within your company, someone you know and who is familiar with the business processes. Thanks to recent developments in the field of software, this can now become reality. More and more Dutch companies are using No Code Platforms: software which enables employees to build their own workflow applications to streamline business processes, even without a background in coding.

Icologiq Universe is one of the first No-Code Platforms that enables organizations to solve their own ICT issues. Icologiq Universe was developed to accelerate digital process innovation and directly integrate the knowledge in the workplace into a working prototype with process steps, forms and logic. The software offers a unique environment in which everyone can rapidly develop professional applications – with or without programming experience. In addition, users can customize the application as desired, depending on how they use it and what they encounter. Universe is available in the cloud, which means you don’t have to install anything yourself, and it works on all devices. The Icologiq team has worked hard for over five years to put this innovative platform on the market.

Universe enables everyone, young and old, poor and rich, male and female, technical and non-technical, to build their own digital workflow to work together faster and more efficiently. The strength is that digital solutions can be built in an accessible way by everyone in the company. This fits our vision: democratize software creation by enabling everyone to build the software tools that meet their needs. Soon, you will have a working application that you can test, validate and share immediately and that you can adapt to new needs at any time. Among the first users are also well-known organizations such as the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Rail), De Heus Diervoeders, Saxion Hogeschool and Hm.Clause, a worldwide organization which is specialized in the research, production and distribution of flower and vegetable seeds for professional growers.

More information about Universe and the competition can be found on the website of KvK.