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Improve Internal Processes with No Code Platform

If nothing had changed over the last century, there would be no need for change within your company. If the world had remained exactly the same for the past hundred years, you could have kept on working in the same way for a good hundred years as well. But nothing could be further from the truth


Due to rapid technological developments and the constantly changing legislation, for example in the field of safety, the processes within the company must also be continuously adjusted. A complicated task with a big responsibility, which you would rather not hand over to an outsider.


You would prefer to leave it up to someone within your company, someone you know and who understands the company’s internal processes. Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, this is now possible. More and more Dutch companies are using No Code Platforms: software that enables authorized employees to build their own workflow applications to streamline business processes, without the need for coding experience.


One of the first No Code Platforms is Icologiq Universe. Icologiq Universe has been developed to accelerate digital process innovation and directly integrate knowledge on the work floor into a working prototype with process steps, forms and logic. The software offers a unique environment in which everyone, even without knowledge of programming, can rapidly develop professional applications. In addition, users can customize the application based on how they use it and what they encounter in doing so.


The Ambition to Keep Improving

A well-known Dutch company will be using Icologiq Universe for the improvement of Non-Conformity Registrations (NCRs), aka the registration of problems and complaints. Previously, the company used a different system for these registrations, but at a certain point this system no longer met the rapidly changing requirements of legislation and the company’s ambition to continuously improve. The information was not passed on sufficiently, as a result of which the recordings of deviations often remained stuck and could not be solved. This is why the company had to look for a new system for the registration problems and complaints.


The Business Improvement Manager of the company explains that the search for a new system, in addition to the urgency from the legislation, originated from an ambition of the employees themselves: the ambition to keep improving. “Employees are more and more feeling the urge to influence the processes within our company,” he says. “In theory, the old system was able to implement registrations, but after a while the ambition arose to do better. This ambition was slowly spreading within the company: eventually everyone started to believe that it should be possible to do better. And then there was Icologiq Universe: the means that enabled us to do better.”

“The introduction Ïcologiq Universe has mainly changed the way of working for the people in the company. Safety, quality, lead time and costs: these are what our company is all about.”

Icologiq Universe Helps Pursue Core Values

“Our company has been modernizing for 175 years and non-conformities have occurred from day one,” he says. “Once a problem occurs with a process or product within the company, this is an indication that the same problem may occur more often. This is the exact reason why we want to tackle the way things work as soon as something goes wrong once: to prevent the same problem from occurring again. With Icologiq Universe we can handle every deviation according to a standard process, while simultaneously improving the things that are already going well.”


”The introduction of a No Code Platform like Universe has mainly changed the way of working for the people in the company. Safety, quality, lead time and costs: these are what our company is all about. I can see Icologiq Universe as the tool that helps us pursue these values. The way the processes are carried out is standardized, so that people can focus more on the tasks themselves. Moreover, there is no longer need for discussion about the division of tasks: with Universe it is easy to see who is responsible for a certain task.”


How Icologiq Universe can Help Your Business as well

You may recognize this within one of the employees of your company, or maybe you are this person yourself. You want to make changes, but you don’t know exactly how: the substance is missing. Icologiq Universe can be the tool to enables your company to improve internal processes as well.