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Icologiq Universe named most innovative Onderwijsproject of 2020

A while ago, we wrote on our website about the Cold Case Project: a collaboration between Icologiq, Saxion and the Police Academy. This unique collaboration has also caught the attention of the ICT platform Computable, because the Cold Case Project is the winner of the Computable Award 2020 in the category “Education project”!


During their minor ‘Cold Case’, Forensic Research students at Saxion focused on old murder and missing cases, which came to a hold years ago as a result of police research getting stuck. During the minor, students tried to breathe new life into these so-called “cold cases” through Open Source Research: the use of open sources on the internet. In order to have the research carried out in a structured and orderly way, the students have recorded the research process step by step in No-Code software platform Icologiq Universe, software that enables users to program without the need for experience in coding. Each new clue is safely and clearly stored in Universe, so that it can be easily found again.

Icologiq’s goal to deploy its software for this project is to develop an educational tool that enables people to conduct high-quality research. Anyone who wants to get started with a similar research can use the tool. This way, Icologiq contributes to a safer society.

Nomination Computable

Computable, the platform for ICT professionals, attaches great value to digitisation and innovation. Therefore, Computable is presented to the Computable Awards for the fifteenth year in a row. The Computable Awards are handed out to the most promising ICT developments of this year, in 21 different categories. These are projects that are successful, innovative, responsible and / or extensive.

The Cold Case Project is described as follows on the Computable website: “A collaboration between education and the business community provides a lot of practical experience and knowledge. And it is precisely this practical experience, knowledge and cooperation of this consortium that makes this initiative very interesting for the students. ”

About Icologiq Universe

Icologiq Universe is one of the first No-Code Platforms that enables organisations to solve their IT-issues on their own. The platform has been developed to accelerate digital process innovation and to directly integrate knowledge on the shop floor into a working prototype with process steps, forms and logic. Universe offers a unique environment where anyone can develop professional applications at lightning speed – even without a programming background. In addition, users can customise the application according to how they use it and what they encounter. Universe is available in the cloud, so that you don’t have to install anything yourself, and it works on all devices. The Icologiq team has worked hard for over five years to put this innovative platform on the market.

With Icologiq Universe, you can carry out your research in a smooth and clear way. Would you like to know how Icologiq Universe can speed up your research process as well? More information about Universe can be found here.