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Icologiq Universe has been nominated for the Computable Awards

Over the past semester, a group of Saxion students has been looking to reopen a number of old, unsolved police cases. To carry out the research in a structured way, they have laid out the research process step by step in Icologiq Universe. This unique collaboration doesn’t go unnoticed: the Cold Case project has been nominated for the Computable Awards 2020.


‘Cold cases’ are unsolved police cases, put away years ago due to a lack of progress. During their minor ‘Cold Case’, a group of enthusiastic Saxion students from the study Forensic Research, has studied these so-called cold cases in collaboration with the Police Academy and with lecturer Jaap Knotter. The aim of this minor is to revive the research through Open Source Research. To guarantee the quality of the research, the students use No Code software Icologiq Universe, which makes it possible to program without the need for coding knowledge. Each new clue is safely and clearly stored in Universe, so that it can also be found back easily.

A few weeks ago, you could read on our website how Forensic Research-student Vera Kamphuis devoted herself to setting up a protocol for applying cold case research using open sources. This was a part of her internship at the Advanced Forensic Technology Lectures of Saxion, an assignment established in collaboration with the Police Academy. This way, all researchers involved in cold case research can work according to the same structured approach. During the past six months, she has not only drawn up an extensive protocol for this, but also built a detailed step-by-step plan in Universe without specific IT knowledge. The advantage is that everyone has access to the same information, so that the same tasks aren’t carried out twice. Students not only document their decisions, but also the reasons behind these decisions.

About the Computable Awards

The special project has not gone unnoticed. As a result of the successful collaboration between Icologiq, Saxion and the Police Academy, the Cold Case project has been nominated for one of the prestigious Computable Awards in the category ‘Educational Project’. “A collaboration between education and the business community provides a lot of practical experience and knowledge,” the jury describes the project on the website of Computable. “And it is exactly this practical experience, knowledge and cooperation of this consortium that makes this initiative so interesting to the students.”

Computable, the platform for ICT professionals, attaches great value to digitisation and innovation. Therefore, the company is now presenting the Computable Awards for the fifteenth year in a row. The Computable Awards are awarded to the most promising ICT developments of this year, in 21 different categories. These are projects that are particularly successful, innovative, responsible or extensive.

Put in your vote for the Cold Case Project!

Which nominations ultimately win the awards, is determined for 50% by the jury and for 50% by the vote of the market. Do you believe this unique educational project deserves a Computable Award? Then you can vote for the Cold Case Project up to 1 November 2020, using this link.