Minor Cold Case: How No-Code Software Speeds up Cold Case Research

A couple months ago we wrote about a group of enthusiastic Forensic Research students at Saxion University, that has started their minor ‘Cold Case’, supervised by lector Jaap Knotter. How are the students doing now? How is the research going and in what way does Icologiq Universe contribute to the project?


‘Cold Cases’ are unsolved crimes that happened years ago and have been put aside due to a lack of evidence. During this minor, the students aim to revitalize these so-called ‘cold cases, in collaboration with the police’. To guarantee the quality of the research, the group uses the No Code software Icologiq Universe, one of the first systems that makes it possible to program without the need for coding. The No-Code technology makes the research process a lot faster and more efficient by building smooth workflows.

Previously, the students explained how the research process consists of different phases. “We have finished the investigative phase,” Sten Bellers explains. “Now the focus is on collecting as much information as possible, mostly through interviews with relatives, friends and colleagues of the victim, but also volunteers or people otherwise involved. The final step is to finish our report, so that we can present the research results to professors and the police in the final presentation at July 11th.”

“Universe is pretty easy to use and makes for an efficient way to collect knowledge”

Not Knowing what to Feel

The progress is very different for each case. “The case of the missing farmer for example, the one we only recently started, is still in the first stage,” says Savannah Schultz. “Next Tuesday, we will carry out DNA-research, which will hopefully lead us to our next step.”

“However, we are currently doing a lot of interviews for one of our other cases. When interviewing relatives, we have to be a bit careful with what we say, because we don’t want to make things harder for them. One thing that stuck with me is the fact that those relatives don’t know what they are supposed to feel. It’s been such a long time, they don’t know if they are supposed to be sad, angry or confused.”


How Universe Helps Figure out the Murder Weapon

The students also explain how No-Code Platform Icologiq Universe contributes to the research. “At this moment, we are mostly trying to further develop the system,” says Savannah. “So that the next group of students can work with Universe from the start of their research. Once, we lost a USB-stick containing all of our files. This won’t happen with Universe, where we can store all the information in one place.”

“Universe is pretty easy to use and makes for an efficient way to collect knowledge,” Sten says. “Our group will soon get a database, which can be linked to Universe. With this database, we should be able to figure out what weapon caused the victim’s wounds. I think this will be a big step forward for our research.”

About Icologiq Universe

Icologiq Universe makes it possible for all researchers to program and build applications, even without coding experience. With the No-Code technology, students can leave Excel and Word behind, making the research process faster and more effective.

With Universe, students and forensic investigators can constantly maintain control over the entire investigation process and monitor quality. The system offers the possibility for the user to set it up at his own discretion and to make adjustments easily.

Interested to learn how Icologiq Universe can contribute to your research project as well? More information can be found on their website.