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How No-Code Software Defeats Contagious Tomato Virus

The global outbreak of a tomato virus is causing a crisis in the food industry. The contagious and very difficult to kill Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) has been spotted in multiple countries: Jordan, Germany, Italy, Israel, Mexico and more, within a short time frame. Fruits infected with this virus can no longer be sold, resulting in huge financial losses for companies infected with the virus.


The new Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus, which has been signaled in various places all over the world, is not easy to get rid of. There is no cure when the virus is in tomato plants and the virus is easily transmitted from one tomato plant to another by plant manipulation.  The only valuable solution today is to protect the tomatoes’ cultures by applying hygienic measures. Implementing effective hygienic measures in a farm is complex because the virus can be transmitted by plants, fruits, humans, equipment etc. and hence all works on the farm need to be considered for effective phytosanitary control.

Preventing rather than curing

HM.Clause is one of the world’s leading seed companies in tomatoes and present in more than 20 different countries worldwide. HM.Clause highly values risk management and therefore has taken immediate action to minimize the risk related to this virus for all of their world-wide installations. Because customer intimacy is at the heart of the company they further decided to try and assist the growers in their understanding of which prophylactic measures to take. For this they decided to launch an onsite prophylactic audit scan for growers. The audit provides insights to growers related to potential gaps in their prophylactic management. The audit results are delivered to the customer along with a manual that describes the prophylactic best practices for each of the audited prophylactic elements. HM.CLAUSE decided to use the No-Code Platform Icologiq Universe to create the audit checklist, internally called PASS (Prophylactic Audit Scan Support). Icologiq Universe is one of the first No-Code Platforms that enables companies to build workflow applications without the need for knowledge of programming. The software is to be used for sales representatives in the field to assist individual growers to combat the virus. An audit process consists of various steps, each choice determining the next step.

Universe makes it possible to link each choice with the corresponding follow-up steps to make the audit process more structured and user-friendly.

Instant improvement based on feedback

Icologiq Universe has been developed to speed up the digital transformation of a company. The people responsible for the implementation of the transformation are given access to the tools to do so themselves, without having to consult IT for every adaptation. This way, the process can be sped up significantly: with Icologiq Universe.

Erik Postma, Global Head of Quality Management & Environment, explains how the PASS project works. “We started by creating our own workflow,” he says. “Then it was tested with both internal and external customers and based on their feedback on the use of the workflow, we made decisions to change and improve it. Thanks to the ability to directly implement feedback from our customers, we were able to make the software more user-friendly and even more functional.”

No more turning to IT with each adaptation

Matthieu Peney, QA Application Manager at HM. Clause, is very satisfied with the added value of using Icologiq Universe for the PASS-project. “The difference with previous projects that have an information technology component is that we don’t have to work with the IT department to create workflows that need to change based on evolving business needs,” he explains. “After every audit with the growers, we received feedback from internal clients demanding changes and improvements to the functionality. In a classical IT process, we have to describe the changes in a functional design together with IT and IT realizes the requested improvements, followed by testing the new functionality by us acting as an internal client. This slowed down the process a lot. With Universe we can research, translate and implement such improvements ourselves, in a simple and user-friendly way.”


“As a millennial I like to be able to do everything myself. With this application, even though I don’t have any specific IT experience on this software, I was able to create exactly the workflow the internal client demanded, in multiple languages and in record time. We finished 11 iterations of the software within 4 weeks and it took only a few days of my time to keep the internal client happy, delivering them the improvements the next day.”

“We finished 11 iterations of the software within 4 weeks and it took only a few days of my time to keep the internal client happy, delivering them the improvements the next day.”

“I believe that in our current dynamic business environment this type of software clearly adds value for operational efficiency and competitive edge”

Let Icologiq Universe assist your company as well

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