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We all know the ads from companies who have to call back products. is specialised in preventing and guiding such call-back situations in the food industry. The safety of consumers and the reputation of suppliers are at stake in this area, this means speed, trust and care are crucial.


There is a whole hidden world behind the products consumers see in the supermarket. Food safety is guarded by many laws, rules and guidelines. supports food producers in offering recall precention, recall management and claim management. Reliable workflows and strikt processes are vital and many stakeholders are involved: suppliers, authorities, insurance companies and lawyers.

Specialists from found their match in Icologiq Universe for safety, speed and flexibility in their day to day activities. “Thanks to Icologiq Universe we can setup our processen ourselves and inform stakeholders in a timely and complete matter. This is a break through”, says co-founder Rob Kooijmans.

“Thanks to Icologiq Universe we can setup our processen ourselves and inform stakeholders in a timely and complete matter. This is a break through”

Digitalise ourselves

Kooijmans: “Before, we exchanged information via USB-sticks, e-mails and printed documents. All handled with great care and trust due to client sensitive content.” is now going to setup their own portal with Icologiq Universe. Rob Kooijmans is doing the setup himself; the easy and user-friendly interface allows him to create processes for him and his team by simply clicking and dragging.

Kooijmans: “I can decide how the portal is going to look like, which documents have to be filled in by clients and who is allowed to authorise which document. I’m really happy to be able to do this myself, without having to transfer my knowledge to someone else with programming skills. Creating and altering workflows is very valuable for us. We are always working between different fields which requires us to be dynamic; changes in laws affect our services. Thanks to Icologiq Universe we can adapt our services at any given moment!”


Global ambitions

In the food producing world there are no borders, products are distributed all over the world. Kooijmans: ‘For it’s very useful that the platform is multilingual. We setup everything in Dutch and English, this allows us to roll-out globally by pressing one button. Someone in China can translate directly from English.


Quick actions

Costs and flexibility have been crucial for when they chose to work with Icologiq Universe. “When talking to our IT suppliers we always get the message that everything is possible, but usually can only be made possible by the same IT supplier. This is expensive and takes a lot of time to build. With Icologiq Universe we can build our own prototype, test it and share with our customers.”