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Improve Business Processes and Reduce Lead Time x10, without Consulting IT

Optimize Non-Conformity Registration processes to reduce failure costs, in an easy and inexpensive way.


Growing your business is not just about sales and new opportunities –the ambition to improve and streamline processes plays a central role in driving success. Failure costs and complaints aren’t necessarily a threat, but can also be seen as an opportunity to improve. With this in mind, a large Dutch company came to Icologiq with the request for a new system to deal with non-conformities and continuous improvement.

The Challenge

This company has been operating for 175 years and non-conformities have been around since day 1. Dealing with these Non-Conformity Registrations (NCRs) is crucial for the business. The previous system no longer met the rapidly changing requirements of legislation.

The Universe Solution

With Icologiq Universe, two Business Improvement Managers standardized the NCR process to ensure adherence to procedures and drive continual improvement. Employees are able to prototype, test and deploy the application themselves, and include each department in the development process. Designers can immediately test their process in Universe.

“Safety, quality, lead time and legitimacy: these are the core values of our company. Icologiq Universe is the tool that helps us to pursue these values. By standardizing the way processes are carried out, our people can focus on their own tasks. This significantly speeds up the process.”

The Results

The system went live in June 2019. The Universe workflow enables the customer to reduce the lead time from 120 to 10 days. The process will no longer be influenced by the discussion about the distribution of tasks: with Universe, it is easy to see who is responsible for a given task. Universe successfully helped this company set up NCR 2.0 to grow their business, reduce failure costs and improve collaboration.