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A New Way for Forensic Researchers to Track Decisions and Work Out Scenarios

No-Code software platform Icologiq Universe enables researchers to build their own workflows with no required coding experience, making the research process faster and more efficient.


Cold cases are criminal investigations, usually revolving around murder and mysterious dissapearances, that took place years ago but remain unsolved due to a lack of new evidence. However, the modern technology comes with alternative ways to find new information on these cases.

The Challenge

A group of Forensic Research students from Saxion University of Applied Sciences aims to revitalize these cold cases during their minor ‘Cold Case’, by using Open Sources. The minor is a collaboration between Saxion University and Softwaredeveloper Icologiq.

During a research process, it is essential for researchers to constantly explain why they made certain choices and how they came to certain conclusions. Therefore, the students were looking for a system that facilitates this process to capture information in a structured way. This is when they first heard about No-Code Softwareplatform Icologiq Universe.

The Results

Universe makes it possible for the students to program without the need for coding. With the No-Code technology, students can leave Excel and Word behind, making the research process faster and more effective.


“With this project, we want to create a Universe process tool that in the future can be used specifically  guarantee the quality of cold case research.”

With Universe, students and forensic investigators can constantly maintain control over the entire investigation process and monitor quality. The system offers the possibility for the user to set it up at his own discretion and to make adjustments easily.  “With Universe we can prove that our research brought us one step further to the conclusion. If we succeeded in causing a gigantic breakthrough that could resolve one of the cases, that would be amazing,” the students explain.