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Icologiq Universe named most innovative Onderwijsproject of 2020

A while ago, we wrote on our website about the Cold Case Project: a collaboration between Icologiq, Saxion and the Police Academy. This unique collaboration has also caught the attention of the ICT platform Computable, because the Cold Case Project is the winner of the Computable Award 2020 in the category "Education project"!
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Icologiq Universe has been nominated for the Computable Awards

Over the past semester, a group of Saxion students has been looking to reopen a number of old, unsolved police cases. To carry out the research in a structured way, they have laid out the research process step by step in Icologiq Universe. This unique collaboration doesn’t go unnoticed: the Cold Case project has been nominated for the Computable Awards 2020.
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Icologiq Universe applies structure to Cold Case Research

Cold Cases are police cases that were put away years ago as a result of research getting stuck. The difference with "normal" police investigation is that cold case researchers only use open sources. This method of investigation is also known as OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). Saxion student Vera Kamphuis has looked into the structured approach of conducting cold case research, using No-Code Software platform Icologiq Universe.
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No-Code Platform Icologiq Universe belongs to Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in The Netherlands

A lack of skilled IT-people in a company can slow down its digitization and therefore, the increase of productivity. With No-Code Platform Icologiq Universe, this is now a thing of the past: business developers no longer have to make any adjustments via the IT department, because they can easily implement improvements in the system by themselves.
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