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Empower people to drive innovation and implement change.

Universe is a digital collaboration platform to digitalize and streamline business processes without writing a single line of code.

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Everything you need to design, deploy, and implement processes on a large scale.

The future is no-code.

Why Universe?

100% No code

Automate your business processes today – no programming skills required. Drag, drop, done with our intuitive designer tools.


No more scattered email, spreadsheets, and repetitive tasks. Move to a new world of iterative IT solutions that serve your business needs.


We provide assistance during your No-Code journey to make sure you get the most out of your investment in the least amount of time.


Build interactive dashboards showing important and relevant information. Focus on role-specific information. Eliminate messy data and distraction.

Frequently asked questions

Universe is a SaaS application, which means the deployment in your organization and workforce is simple and straightforward. Users only need to open an Internet browser and go to the URL of your Universe environment. After they have requested an account, and they login, they are ready to go. Universe supports different user roles with each role giving only access to assigned functions. Making sure that only those functions are available where needed.

Custom build business processes usually follow a classic software development path containing steps to set up the requirements, making functional and user interface designs, developing and testing the software and finally deploying it to the users. Universe is fundamentally different. It is a so-called application ready platform, meaning that it already contains the features and functions that are typically used in different types of applications such as managing documents, tracking registrations, roles and permissions, reporting, documentation and more. The idea behind Universe is that it should be flexible for any user and has been built as such.

Universe allows you to integrate the platform with a wide variety of data sources. Universe provides support for MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle views or tables. In the summer of 2019, we will extend the support with SOAP services.

Universe fully supports multilingual business processes. You can configure multiple languages per process, and texts and captions can all be configured for multiple languages. It is also possible to locally specify custom formats.

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Universe is the best No-Code platform to optimize and streamline business processes.